2020 Cadillac CT5-V: Less Thunder More Subtlety

Over a 15 year history the Cadillac V high performance series has been all about raw power… rip snorting 400 to 640 horsepower V8s propelling traditional architecture luxury sedans to track-worthy racing rigs.

The newest Cadillac CT5-V at just shy of $48,00 steps back from brute force to compete with Euro luxury performance cars relying more on engineering finesse and efficiency than pure horsepower. Paradoxically those Euro brands are now piling on the horsepower stats.

With a twin-turbo 360 horsepower V6, the 2020 Cadillac CT5-V does the performance right, lighter overall by some 200 lbs than the earliest V monsters, and much easier to drive.

The exterior of the CT5-V is a courtly fast-back with a provocative fascia and clean modern front and rear lighting array, is a welcome touch of understatement from the earlier Bat-Mobile Cadillac style.

Inside comfortable and spacious front and rear seating, 4-door convenience and intuitive infotainment and tech controls, make the new CT5 more enjoyable to drive, while switching to Track Mode pumps up the adrenaline.

Meanwhile a thundering Cadillac CT5 –V Blackwing V8 is forecast for showroom arrival in mid-2021.