2022 Nissan Frontier Sleeper Hit in Mid-Sized Pickup Marketplace

A two stage model revise, starting with the 2019 intro of a new engine, truncated by the pandemic and now a stylish new look and lots of performance and tech updates for 2022 … positions the Nissan Frontier mid-sized pickup as a sleeper hit in a marketplace cratered with the “next big thing” bombast.

This will be a big year for Nissan as it prepares the highly anticipated new Ariya EV SUV and the return of the Z with 400 horsepower and shades of the original 1969 breakthrough 240Z sports car.

Time tested with high marks for rugged durability for over two decades, this traditional steel ladder framed pick-up is ideal for work, off-road play and … suffice it to say … has kicked up a lot of dirt in some very inhospitable places around the world.

The new Frontier PRO-4X – with shift on the fly 4 wheel drive and electronic rear differential — boasts a standout new 3.8 Liter V6 310 horsepower engine. Some significant engineering work including strengthened suspension mounts, Bilstein off-road shocks and underbody skid plates round out the call of duty persona.

Despite nice stitched and monogrammed easy cleaning and comfy 5-passenger seating, this pickup is not some tarted-up luxe–truck with the cushy trim that has turned the tough truck market soft and super expensive around the edges.

The Frontier PRO-4X takes on the call of duty challenge with custom floor mats to protect the carpet from mud and work grit.

For the daily driver and weekend warrior the new 9-speed electronic CVT automatic transmission shifts quick and clean and simulates a direct shift response. Very important in a truck like this whether you are carrying a load in the bed, hauling up to 6,700 lb or off-roading on precipitous and unsteady terrain.

The trans also helps deliver EPA rated 18 mpg city 24 mpg hwy on 4×2 models and and 17 mpg city 22 mpg hwy on 4×4 editions.

With base pricing from around $27,000 – $31,000 … even the loaded PRO-4X comes in at a very competitive under $44,000 MSRP.