2022 Outback Offers Confidence on Jaunts To Subaru Wilderness

The 2022 Outback is the first to bear a new Subaru Wilderness sub-brand that is expected to be spread across the line-up. Tagging the Outback as a hearty adventure wagon is hardly a stretch. The Wilderness edition adds some clearance, engineering heft, and modern comfort and convenience tech, as a nice spiff for Subaru repeat loyalists.

Astride a set of Yokohama all terrain meat with an upgraded suspension giving the Outback a 9.5” ground clearance, a switch to the dauntless Subaru X-Mode turns this mild mannered daily driver into an action hero of unlikely off-road powers.

Once settled into the supremely civilized StarTex water repellent upholstery, stitched in the same anodized copper color as the accent features throughout the vehicles down to the front and rear tow-point covers, the daily driver Outback shines.

A tuned up 2.4 liter Turbocharged Boxer engine powers the Subaru wagon confidently with 260 horses, quickened by an under 4,000 lb curb weight.

Take this $38,000 Outback up a dirt road and across a small stream and the Outback Wilderness goes SUV wild. Credit due to the skid-plate system design, for under-carriage survival over rock strewn terrain.