Alfa Romeo Stelvio Is A Fresh Take On The Mid-Sized SUV

To fill the seemingly insatiable demand for SUVs the auto industry is undergoing fundamental changes, with major brands abandoning their traditional specialties in sedans and even sports cars.

When Italian sports car and performance sedan maker Alfa Romeo introduced the Stelvio, it joined a long list of suitors mostly distinguished by 5,000 lbs of curb-weight and whopping price tags north of $50,000.

And yet of all the luxury SUVs, the Stelvio distinguishes with exceptional styling, and on the road with standout performance. Most distinctive is the Stelvio’s front grill which follows the tall tapered bottomed Alfa Romeo shield motif.

With a 2.9 liter V6 pumping an amazing 505 horsepower, the all-wheel-drive Stelvio is hands down one of the quickest SUVs on the road. It also exhibits some of the sharpest handling of any vehicle in this class which allows a driver with some spirit and nerves of steel to expertly carve up the most tortuously winding country lanes or mountain switchbacks.

In the top shelf Quadrifoglio model the Afla Stelvio jumps off at just under $80,000, and  comes regally equipped just shy of $100,000.