All New Land Rover Defender 90 Recasts Its Legend For New Generation

Arguably one of the greatest wild trekking vehicles, the Land Rover Defender 90 attained legendary status in the far reaches of the tattered post WWII British Empire in Africa, Asia, India and the Middle East.

Then in 1997 the Defender ceased production and became a sort of unicorn … mostly seen in public in press photos of Queen Elizabeth driving hers around the wild Scottish estate.

This retro tagged Land Rover Defender 90 is back loaded with tech and a sleek new skin wrapped around this classic 2-door off-road performance rig.

While the Land Rover family has emerged as the royalty of premium luxury SUVs, the Defender compact sport utility offers spare but comfortably well-appointed 5 person seating interior.

This Defender 90 with 8.9” clearance boldly wading into 35.4” of water, is priced at $66,475 and features a 3.0 liter 395 horsepower straight 6 cylinder engine which gives plenty of alt-terrain power and tire-squealing on road response.

A mild hybrid energy recovery system powers on-board electronics and a smooth shifting 8-speed automatic adds civility to aggressive acceleration and helps manage the a thirsty 19 MPG combined EPA rating.