Audi and Ducati: A Brangelina For Motor Heads

The news that auto racing and market gaining superstar Audi is considering a $1.2 billion purchase of the sexy Italian superbike company Ducati is like the pairing of Brad and Angelina for motorheads.

Last June a diesel R18 TDI took a 10th win for Audi since 2000 at the legendary 24 Hours of Lemans marathon race. Over the last 60 years Ducati has won 17 World Championship titles and most recently won the 2011 World Superbike Championship.

In the marketplace Audi and Ducati are an equally stunning couple. Audi has staged impressive gains in market share against prime German competitors Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Last month in the US market alone Audi recorded a nearly 15 percent increase in year-to-date growth with a striking line-up of luxury performance sedans and sexy coupes.

Ducati in the last decade has literally swept aside the competition and taken the lead in the motorcycle market. With its powerful engines, distinctive profile, innovative frame design and distinctive roaring sound — Ducati has been largely responsible for the rising popularity of the sport bike and Café Racer culture here in the US, notably attracting a rising percentage of women buyers.