Audi EV Intro Is Tricky Both for the Company and Customers

With the breakneck pace of technology advances and social media din, no amount of planning could make the Audi intro of the new EV line-up easy.

There’s glorious and ignominious history, but Audi has never been an also ran … leading from a few steps behind … ahead in engineering and design innovation.

From 2000 the R8 sports prototype went on to win 63 of 79 races, including 8 titles at LeMans. Notably Audi was well ahead in its use of EV technology in its racing program.

2024 Audi EV lineup

Compellingly stylish the Audi Q8 e-tron, Q8 Sportback e-tron, and RS e-tron GT …all Quattro equipped … rallied vigorously through Connecticut fall foliage, an apt metaphor for the fundamental changes at hand.

With an only EV new model pledge after 2026 … Audi needs a big splash in its good will reservoir …bringing home the faithful from Audi Club enthusiasts to rally racing fans… Hence the kitsch of the new dimensionally extruded and illuminated 4 ring logo.

The Audi 4 ring logo

From the driver’s seat Audi EV road manners and acceleration will eventually pretty much leave everyone behind … priced from $74,000 to six figures.