Audi Q8 Sportback Makes Electric Move With Style and Precision

As the EV war of words rages on – with fast charging Solid State tech, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, and waning sales news stirring the pot – the Audi Q8 Sportback S Line e-tron enters with a jolt of performance, technology and styling cred.

With exterior styling Audi smartly straddles the great vehicle format debate. While the SUV is clearly the dominant personal transportation choice … some of us flinty traditionalists find racing around in a tarted up delivery vehicle to be a cheap thrill.

Though the Q8 has the hatchback of an SUV, the profile screams sedan. Astride 20” custom styled wheels, this car has an amazing athletic presence. And just turning on the headlamp animation is like an EDM light show.

Though chunky SUV sculpting is clearly evident, the 5,798 lb bulk of the Q8 defines its classification … but the handling and driving dynamics are more of a sports sedan.

Inside the $75 – $100K Audi EV features white Valcano Milano leather seating with orange piping that is spectacular, as is the velocity which feels even more vigorous than its 5.2 second 0 – 60 stats.