Auto Market Rolls On

While the China slowdown and the “touch and go” European financial crisis have dampened the US recovery — with durable goods orders mostly sluggish and disappointing jobs creation stats — the automotive marketplace continues to be the bright spot on the on the economic landscape.

In recent months car and truck sales in the US have been screaming like the straight away at a formula one race!

Lower than expected summer gas prices — down an average of 27 cents a gallon from May according to Triple A — have spurred vehicle sales — especially Pick-up trucks — keeping Ford F150 and Chevy Silverado in the top two best selling vehicle slots.

The biggest market gainer continues to be Toyota — up 60 percent in June over last year — with their new Camry/Solara models the best selling sedans and third best selling vehicles overall. Honda too kicked up sales 48 percent with an 84 percent increase in Accord and 50 percent in the all new and greatly improved CRV compact crossover SUV!

Volkswagen sales jumped 32 percent on a strong line-up including the new more athletic Beetle, the versatile Jetta, the elegant CC, and even the new Passat four door sedan — which has sparked a virulent “love it or hate it” debate!