Auto Sales In May Blow Past Forecasts

With the exception of a few accounting hiccups and the deep freeze of the past winter, the US auto sector has been growing strong and steady.

But the stat-trackers have been cautiously optimistic, often hedging reports of robust year-over-year sales increases by pointing out the deep hole the car companies were clawing back from since the 2009 near-collapse.

Now hot off a May sales surge of 13%, even conservative wags are breaking out the hats and horns! Car sales are now on track to be the best in 7 years.

General-Motors sales jumped 12.7% despite high profile recall and safety issues. With Ram pick-up and Jeep muscle, Chrysler barrels on with a 16.7% increase.

Toyota drove home a 17% jump with enormous momentum from two stalwart models the Camry and the Corolla, which respectively saw 26 and 30 percent sales run-ups.

Ford sales grew by just 3% in May but posted a solid 15.7% second place in US market share.

Honda sales were up 9% with three models – the Accord, Civic and CRV – making the US top 10 best selling car list.

This George Polgar of GT Marketing for KYW News Radio.

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