Autos Roll On

The resurgence of the auto industry continues unabated into 2013 — with a 14 percent increase in US vehicle sales over January of last year. Even by most optimistic assessments — the auto segment continues to outperform the general economy and exceeding projections selling more than 1 million cars in the first month of the year.

And yet the sustained auto sales run up is also a positive indicator for other industry and job growth sectors. Most significantly General Motors, Ford and Chrysler sales all rose on the strength of pick-up trucks — reflecting improving housing starts and construction statistics.

Though it is largely psychological — the fact that all the US carmakers posted double digit increases which out-paced the industry overall — reinforces American competitiveness in today’s global manufacturing marketplace.

Finally the choices Americans are making with their car purchasing power also offers encouragement. Aside from the industry leading work ready pick-up truck category, fuel efficiency and value are the features most highly prized by Americans.

For example — the nothing fancy and long- running Toyota Corolla economy model was the fifth best selling car in the US overall.