BMW 530i Update Holds Its Own Against The Competitive Onslaught

In an automotive marketplace where the premium segment is under siege by brands from all over the world, the BMW competitive edge is equal parts engineering and psychology.

The new 2017 BMW 530i Sedan sports a nicely proportioned profile. In the M Sport edition, with blacked out accents and bold 19″ double spoke wheels, there is nothing sedate about this four door.

Under the hood a new 2.0 liter four cylinder turbo – which also powers the BMW X1 SUV and Mini Cooper S models — pumps 248 horsepower and produces surprising quickness. There is no turbo lag and thanks to liberal use of aluminum structural and component solutions, the new 5 series weighs in 123 pounds lighter than the earlier edition, delivering excellent 27-mpg combined mileage.

Inside the BMW 530i offers expansive comfort and an extra touch of luxury in the test vehicle, optional quilted Nappa leather seating. The technology of the newest is comprehensive, and now in its sixth generation, the dial controlled iDrive system seems far more intuitive.

With collision avoidance safety features always on guard the loaded $74,000 BMW 530i encourages spirited driving.