BMW i8 Is The “Red Meat” of Hybrids

For serious car enthusiasts, most hybrids and electrics have been a little too much like “eating your vegetables!” And then there’s the BMW i8, a healthy menu selection that also includes a big fat slab of red meat.

This sophisticated plug-in electric gas hybrid is an enigmatic supercar, appreciated by everyone from inveterate car buffs to clueless gawkers!

Low slung and menacing, like a star-fighter from a far away galaxy, the BMW i8 is surprisingly small and visually provocative, with an exoskeleton of aluminum and carbon fiber, surface panels of reinforced plastic and glass, and exotic upswept scissor action doors.

On the road the i8 is elated in sharp corners and boldly sweeps up the highway with a complex hybrid set-up of two electric motors and a 1.5 liter twin turbo 3 cylinder gas powered engine. The hefty combined 357 horsepower propels this lightweight rig very much like the aforementioned star fighters!

While the BMW i8 reflects the hybrid combinations coming to influence Grand Prix motor sports, the 94 mile per gallon EPA rating is an impressive value boost for a car priced at $140,000.