BMW i8 Modest Updates for 2019 Maintain A Standout!

2019 BMW i8

It is a curiosity of the auto business that while of the most of the attention is focused on future products, the current line-up stars are somewhat overlooked.

While the surge in electrified vehicles mandated by foreign governments — and for the entire US the by the Governor of California – is producing some dramatic rolling stock, the BMW i8 dual electric and gas sports car which premiered 5 years ago, returns for 2019 with some modest updates but very satisfying style and performance.

Along with some flashy new colors and tech updates, the newest plug-in hybrid BMW i8 squeezes an ebullient 369 horsepower out of the 105 kW electric motor and 1.5 liter 3 cylinder gas engine.  With a star fighter low-slung slippery profile, the BMW i8 slices through traffic maneuvers and rips up the long-runs with a really civilized touch.

Despite the glam butterfly doors hinged near the windshield  and the wide door sills which make entry and exit inelegant or athletic depending on driver and passenger’s conditioning, the BMW i8 is one of the easiest driving cars in the $150,000 plus super car class.

2019 BMW i8