BMW X1 Small SUV Is Big On Performance

The exploding popularity of the small SUV segment has created a dizzying array of products in this category. And yet for premium engineering, luxury standards and brand equity the new BMW X1 makes it very simple choice.

First and foremost in a segment not distinguished by hot performance, the BMW lives up to the family rep with nimble spirit powered by an energetic 228 horsepower inline 4 cylinder engine, that does 0 – 60 in an impressive 6.4 seconds.

Paired with an 8 speed automatic transmission and the standard all wheel drive, this humble little SUV takes to the road with gusto and is really fun to drive.

The trade-off is a fairly thirsty fuel consumption for a vehicle this size, getting maybe 24 – 25 mpg in highway driving, though its official rating is 32 MPG highway.

As expected for the $35,000 to $50,000 price range, the interior materials are on par with the BMW lineage and the latest model has seen an increase of inside space. The cargo capacity is also better and relative to its size, especially compared with its larger X3 and X5  SUV siblings.