Cadillac Blackwing V8 Saga… Makes V6 CT4 Blackwing More Exciting

The 120th Cadillac anniversary intro of its last, and perhaps greatest V8 was scrambled by twin pandemics — EV fever and Covid-19.

The tech-inspired 4.2-liter, double-overhead-cam engine with four valves per cylinder and double twin-scroll turbochargers pumping out 550 horsepower, only made it into about 1500 cars before the Blackwing program was canceled in 2020.

To recover some value from this costly episode, Cadillac has put styling features and some incredible high speed handling into a new CT4-V Series Blackwing sedan powered by a very capable 3.6 liter twin-turbo V6 kicking out 472 horsepower.

Despite a recent blip of demographic theorization about a revival of sedans, there is not much future for this class of vehicle. And yet with all the competitive challenges facing Cadillac, the CT4 Blackwing must not be dismissed as an insignificant soon to be retired model.

From the aggressive but not muscle bound exterior to the chic quilted leather bucket seats and premium tech, this rear wheel drive, 6-speed manual or 10 speed auto, is race ready with launch control and high performance suspension … hitting the street like a supercar for $71,535.