Cadillac CT6 Tries To Recapture The Luxury Standard

Before the 2008 meltdown and especially accelerated since, American luxury sedan leaders Cadillac and Lincoln have been on a quest to regain their market footing against the agile, powerful sedans of BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volvo.

The resurgence of legacy super-luxury sedans from Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maserati and soon the half million-dollar, 200 car limited edition Aston Martin Lagonda, makes the American luxury sedan comeback even tougher.

Cadillac has committed $4.3 billion to a brand makeover with a string of critically well received new models like the sporty ATS, the monster performance CTS V sedan and now the serenely impressive new CT6 which directly challenges BMW 7 series, Mercedes S Class and the Audi A8L for traction in the premium sedan market.

The new CT6 features new aluminum architecture and is available in 9 different trim and power levels ranging from the base $53,000 model with a 265 horsepower 2 liter 4 cylinder to the 404 horsepower twin turbo V6 which gives this Caddy some old fashioned rear-wheel drive American muscle.

And yet Cadillac sales overall are sluggish except for the segment leading Escalade full sized SUV.