Cadillac Seeks to Recover Brand Equity With New SUV Model Selection

For Cadillac a quest to square off against Euro luxury sedans and stir younger buyers with a curated cool image, cost the brand traction in the US market 5 years ago when the shift to SUV formats of all sizes developed into a tsunami.

Based on growing Cadillac sedan demand in China, and to some extent in other global markets, the move made sense at the time.

For 2020 Cadillac has recouped on the product offering side with its impressive mid-size, compact and small SUV XT series. A test drive of the largest of the litter XT6 proved that the big SUV feel of the just updated for 2021 Escalade can be simulated in this smaller footprint. Smaller is relative as the XT6 is over 16 ½ ft long with family oriented 3-row seating and a strong 3.6 Liter V6 pumping 310 horsepower, available with AWD.

Based on the same platform as the sportier handling compact Cadillac XT5, interior space and a lush ride distinguishes the $52,000 to $57,000 XT6. Inside stitched leather upholstery and accents and comprehensive tech including a night-vision, provide premium pampering and panache.