Car Tech Center Stage at CES Las Vegas

Amid the cascade of whirring, blinking and beeping at the legendary Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show last month, new automotive tech innovations were center stage.

Nissan, still leading all competitors including Tesla in total worldwide electric vehicle sales, presented the Ariya EV concept SUV. With a 300 mile range and the added power and maneuvering capabilities of a dual motor all-wheel drive system the Ariya is projected to arrive in showrooms by late 2021.

SONY presented a completely functional Vision-S sedan as a test-bed to demonstrate mind-blowing in-vehicle entertainment experience and user interface technology, though there is no plan to ever produce the vehicle.

Can’t leave home without the omni-present personal assistance of Amazon Alexa? Lamborghini and the widely acclaimed pre-launch all electric RIVIAN Trucks and SUVs will be equipped with built-in Alexa connectivity.

Borrowing seating technology from space exploration, BMW previewed ZeroG Lounger to be an option for some US built BMW SUVs. The element of zero gravity seating borrowed from space science is designing surfaces that will support the human body for long periods without deadening the senses in the back, buttocks and upper legs.