Carlos Ghosn Still Upstaging Nissan’s Strong Hand in the Marketplace

The news narrative these days for Nissan is compelling … for good or ill. While Carlos Ghosn is live scripting his action adventure blockbuster — complete with a daring bail-jumping escape from Japan reportedly in the empty musical case of a visiting orchestra — Nissan is scrambling to regain its footing after a financially disastrous year traceable mostly to the escapades of the disgraced former chairman.

One of the leading foreign owned brands in the US market, Nissan is scrambling to make bold strides in the resurrection of the sedan with its updated Maxima, Altima, Sentra and Versa line-up, and an industry leading Intelligent Mobility program which incorporates anti-collision tech features and driver assist ProPilot suite that responsibly ushers in autonomous vehicle capabilities.

A recent preview ride and drive of the all new 2020 Nissan Sentra made a compelling case for this 8th generation compact sedan which has assumed the sleek and modern sedan profile of its siblings Maxima Altima, and Versa.

In addition to aggressive exterior cues; a low-slung V-motion grille, body sculpted for best effect with a two-tone paint option, and a lowered floating roofline, a new boosted 2.0-liter four-cylinder 149 horsepower plant gives the under $20,000 base Nissan Sentra a nice pep in its step.

2020 Nissan Sentra