Cars for Christmas Gift Giving

It’s a common holiday advertising fantasy image… the brand new car in the driveway with a giant red bow on it!

As holiday retailers struggle, auto sales are booming boosted by low fuel costs, cheap financing and healthy end-of-year incentives.

If you want the smallest box under the Christmas tree to be set of car keys, here are a few suggestions for Santa.

The Mazda MX5 Miata at $24,915 is newly retro designed back to its classic roadster roots. For more practical Zoom-Zoom fun the newest 4-door hatchback Mazda3 for just $17,845 is a great choice.

The just revised Chevrolet Volt priced at $33,170 may be the game-changer in the electric car market. The new Volt is sexy and satisfying on the road with no fussy charging issues. Plug it in when you can while the small gas powered charging motor and regenerative braking have you covered with a 420-mile range.

For exhilarating performance and a whole new take on the American luxury car the $83,995 Cadillac CTS-V is a 640 horsepower Christmas miracle that blows away its Euro performance sedan competitors.