Cash In On Sliding Popularity of Big Sedans with The Toyota Avalon XLE Hybrid

For the childhood memories they evoke, some of us will mourn the passing of the four door sedan, now the endangered species of the automotive world. For value hunters the good news is that shopping the downside of the market can yield big savings.

Case in point is the serenely luxurious Toyota Avalon XLE Hybrid sedan, so elegant that it challenges its Lexus ES cousin, with a $3,000 lower sticker price of $37,500. Though classified as mid-sized the Avalon presents itself with a long lean new exterior that gives it a bigger appearance. Inside the spaciousness and carefully detailed interior amenities and technology array are really dazzling.

The Toyota Avalon XLE Hybrid with 40 mpg EPA rating already looks good for $37,500. Take off $3,500 in manufacturers cash-back offers and qualify for up to $7,500 in electric hybrid vehicle Federal tax credits … and suddenly the new Avalon looks even better.

And despite the downturn in demand for new sedans, this Toyota boasts a strong resale value over 45% after 3 years of ownership, while for the time being sedans still sell well on the pre-owned market.