Chrysler Rolls Through Winter Slump

In the face of a winter weather sales slump that has walloped big players like GM, Ford and Toyota, Chrysler pulled out another impressive 11 percent year-over-year sales increase in February.

The simple answer is that the stylish new Cherokee and standout Ram pick-up trucks are hot, with a boost in truck sales of some 27 percent, and a soaring 47 percent jump in Jeep line-up action.

The significance of the current 47 months of consecutive sales growth for Chrysler is the sustained revival of a collection of iconic American brands –- though now Italian owned.

Based on the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep models on the test drive circuit a pervasive sense of product and design quality is key to the comeback.

The 300C John Varvatos Luxury Edition sedan has refined the assembly-line lead-sled appeal of the earlier Chrysler 300 series with a sleeker, more elegant look, a 363 horsepower V8 Hemi, and a surprisingly confident suspension and all wheel drive performance. The 300C interior offers a bespoke comfort and extensive amenities package with the Varvatos rock and roll fashion touch for about $52,000.

This George Polgar of GT Marketing for KYW News Radio.