Chrysler to Ferrari

Chrysler started 2013 posting the 34th consecutive month of year-over-year sales growth. This is good news for parent company FIAT — the vast Italian car conglomerate which is finding it hard to generate profits in Europe and other key markets.

The sustained strength at Chrysler — the most deeply wounded of the US Big three in the 2008 industry melt-down — comes on 94 percent sales gains for the Dodge Journey a full-size crossover, an 89 percent increase for its Dodge Avenger sedan and a 31 percent bump in sales of the Fiat 500 — which for mini-car value and performance is a real winner in the $22,000 Sport Turbo Hatchback edition.

In addition to Chrysler, Fiat owns all the major Italian car companies — including Lancia, Alfa Romeo, as well as the glamorous Maserati and Ferrari brands.

Last week the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was unveiled at Algar Ferrari in Bryn Mawr. Priced at $330,000 with a 729 horsepower 6.3 liter V12 and a top speed north of 211 miles per hour — the F12 is awesome but not top of the heap. The just announced Ferrari F150 — successor to the Enzo will be $1.34 million.