Corvette Stingray Leads A 2nd Wave Muscle Car Heydey!

Sustained low fuel prices, another wave of Boomers doing a victory lap and a new crop of spectacular American performance cars, have today converged in the second great muscle car era!

From the relatively tame 435 horsepower V8 Mustang GT to the crazy fast 707 horsepower Dodge Hellcat Charger and Challenger, slick daily driver hot-rods are in their heydey!

For the car companies this trend is a gift, as top end muscle cars are loaded up and priced with healthy margins. Plus they attract buyers to showrooms who then buy down line volume models.

A recent test drive of the new 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible underscored how the iconic American muscle roadster has evolved into a world class sports car. The new Stingray is very light and nimble on the road with an aluminum hydro-formed frame that is stiff and responsive even in the convertible format.

The standard Corvette 6.2 liter V8, with the quad performance exhaust and the 7-speed manual transmission puts out 460 horsepower. When you jump on the accelerator — if the thing had wings — you feel like the $72,000 Corvette would go airborne.