Crowded Field Of Tough Little Performers Make Room For Hyundai Veloster

For many practical transportation-focused car owners the fleet of compact coupes and little hatchbacks that have swarmed America from around the world are just those little economy cars. But to driving enthusiasts, the small format, close-to-the-road action of these small cars is what makes them so popular!

In a crowded field including standouts like Mazda3, Ford Focus, and the Subaru Impreza WRX STI, the Hyundai Veloster has its work cut out for it. Recognized from its intro 5 years ago for distinctive exterior styling, the model was hobbled by limited engine capacity.

The new Hyundai Veloster leverages a spirited 201 horsepower turbo 4 cylinder engine with a full on rally package for competitive swagger.

A sharp matte exterior paint job on a blue Veloster Rally tester had a certain iridescent quality, working well with the Hyundai fluidic 2.0 exterior design and sports ground effects and the body colored rear deck spoiler. Inside the sport motif explodes with body color matched monogrammed leather seating and accessory accents.

On the road this $24,000 Veloster is a bandit offering advanced torque vectoring handling and solid turbo boosted power for rally class driving.