Despite Political Rhetoric About American Job Loss US Auto Workers Are Increasing A World Labor Force

Despite political rhetoric about American job loss to Mexico and China, the tide is beginning to turn in auto manufacturing especially in the American South, where many plants are producing products for export as well as the domestic market.

States like Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina and Georgia are experiencing a boom with the influx of multi-billion dollar manufacturing facilities of foreign and domestic car makers, and industry suppliers.

The sprawling Nissan Decherd Powertrain Operations plant near Nashville, Tennessee is churning out engines at an astounding rate of one every 19 seconds, for a total of more than a million units a year. 

Employing a local workforce of more than 1,400 this high tech forging and assembly robotics driven operation ships engines worldwide to Germany, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Japan and China. It supplies the growing demand for Nissan cars, trucks and SUVs in North America, as well as drivetrains for Mercedes vehicles built in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and abroad.

The latest off the Decherd line is the 309 horsepower 5.6-liter 32-valve V8 for the brand new Nissan TITAN Pickup truck, an aggressive new player in the full sized truck market.