Dodge Makes The Power Grab With A Line-Up Of Muscle

When Italian auto giant Fiat stepped into save the ailing Chrysler Corporation it was assumed that a lot of European style models would start showing up in the Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep line-ups. And while the newly resurrected Dodge Dart borrows its platform from Alfa Romeo, and the just introduced new Jeep Renegade is being built in Italy, the latest editions of the popular Dodge Challenger and Charger have emerged with the ultimate all-American muscle car bravado.

Packing the new Hellcat 707 Horsepower V8s, the new Dodge Charger can now legitimately boast that it is the fastest and most powerful production sedan on the planet. And Dodge product planners and execs who backed this power grab – despite the obvious lack of political correctness – are giddy with the reception the car is getting.

Though selling massive numbers of $63,000 Dodges seems a Hail Mary pass at best, both the Hellcat V8 Challenger coupe and family friendly 4-door sedan Charger are bringing new buyers into the showrooms. These buyers then have a range of versions of both cars to choose from starting at half the cost of a Hellcat.

This is George Polgar of GT Marketing for KYW News Radio