Dramatic Design Departure Wins BMW 430i xDrive Head-Turning Kudos

The latest BMW 430i xDrive Coupe has been controversial with its extreme horse-faced variation on the classic BMW kidney-shaped front grille. As an equestrian in the homestretch of my own original equipment … I prefer this look to a constant reminder of high-mileage kidneys!

Simply put, BMW has come to this “extreme bling” fashion sense to widen its appeal to the changing tastes of a younger more diverse audience?

After a long tenure in the top spot in the US market, premium luxury performance competitors have successfully eroded BMW sales leadership.

In the 1st quarter of 2021, despite a strong 20% increase, BMW dropped to third place in the luxury performance class with Mercedes-Benz extending its lead from last year and Lexus taking the # two spot.

Perhaps with the looming German 2030 deadline ending the production of new Internal Combustion Vehicles, BMW wanted to add extra styling flourishes so these “last of the breed” models will become collector’s items.

At $47,000 the 255 horsepower 2 liter 4 cylinder or $58,000 for the upgraded M440i 382 horsepower inline 6, the BMW 4 Series coupes are good bet for driver satisfaction!