Exit Volvo?

With a scant .3 percent of US market share Volvo is widely rumored to be exiting the world’s largest automotive marketplace by 2014. Against mega multi brand players like Volkswagen, Toyota and General Motors — small niche nameplates like Volvo face a tough road.

The Chinese owners of Volvo vigorously reject the rumors…and have re-doubled their efforts in image making — with aggressive new national TV advertising.

Image is at once Volvo’s biggest asset and liability. Fond memories of the boxy, safety- conscious, hearty Swedish sedans and wagons of the 1960’s through the 90’s — has hobbled the brand with younger buyers.

In fact — today’s European-built Volvos are anything but old fashioned! The new Volvo S60 is one of the sexiest four-door sedans on the roads and packs a punch with its 325 horsepower 3 liter turbo-charged T6 engine. With its nimble all wheel drive handling and still impressive safety construction, and a cabin replete 21 st century sport seating, brushed aluminum finishes and floating accessory panels — the Volvo S60 is strong contender for its $48K.

Even with the acclaimed C30 hatchback and small and midsize XC SUV series — for Volvo the numbers just don’t add up!