Ford BULLITT… A Powerful Tribute to an Endangered Legend

For those who span the Boomer, Gen X and even Millennial demos … the legend of Steve McQueen in the film BULLITT is still secure. But while test-driving the latest 2020 Ford BULLITT high performance tribute Mustang edition, the prospect of this potent legacy fading came into sharp focus.

On a spirited rally to the North Jersey beaches this rig was in full bravado! On the open road the BULLITT exhilaratingly lets loose its 480 horses from the 5.0 liter V8 monster under the hood.

With no markings but the signature rear panel Crosshair faux fuel cap, the Ford BULLITT is $60,000 retro classic, brimming with modern tech and safety features – and a concert quality Bang & Olufsen sound system.

Given nominally aggressive driving, as conditions allowed, the BULLITT posted reasonable fuel consumption for a classic road rocket.

To save time in homeward bound gas lines, we pulled into a station upon arrival and the 18 year-old gas jockey marveled at the backswept Dark Highland Green mystery machine. “Wow what is this … never seen anything like it!”

Enjoy it now before the  BULLITT legend runs out of road!