Ford Rolls to Healthy Profits on Traditional Winners While Betting Big On Electrification

While Chairman Bill Ford added a jolt to his presentation at the January Detroit Auto Show with an $11 billion commitment to a line-up of 40 hybrid and fully electric vehicles within four years, Ford’s healthy profits are fueled mostly by its big brawlers like the Ford F150 Pickup and the iconic Expedition full sized SUV.

In the heyday of the late 90s first wave of ever larger SUVs the Expedition fiercely rolled over the head start advantage enjoyed by the GM Suburban, Tahoe and Yukon clan.

The 2018 makeover of the Ford Expedition puts it back in contention for the most comfortable, powerful and overall most satisfying big SUV on the market. Totally revised for the first time in 15 years, the Expedition follows the lead of the best-selling Ford F150 pickup dropping 300 pounds through the extensive use of aluminum.

The 8 passenger Expedition satisfies payload envy with two lengths – one a foot longer than the 210 inch standard wheelbase.

The top tier Expedition Platinum presents a more and refined and elegant exterior and interior appeal, with a sharper design theme for an eye-popping $73,000 price tag.