From Here To Infiniti

The modern car business is way past “build it and they will come”. In addition to guaranteeing safety, quality, value and a good sense of style — strategic product planning is key to a full-line brand success.

Two recent test drives from Nissan’s up-market Infiniti stable present an excellent case study.

This year Infiniti’s new $56,000 seven-passenger JX35 mid-size crossover SUV is getting good traction. Powered by a sturdy 3.5 liter 265 horsepower V6, the Infiniti handles with all-wheel drive ease and confidence… while getting high marks for convenient people and cargo hauling in ultimate comfort.

Entering the crowded crossover field was a gamble for a brand built on sexy, performance oriented sport coupes and sedans, but the JX35 has definitely scores with the strong high-end family marketplace.

Also newly updated from Infiniti is the vastly under-rated M56 AWD sedan which scores well in large luxury car rankings. Though not widely regarded as a leader in this class – against Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus — the Infiniti M56 delivers exciting 420 horsepower V8 performance, premium amenities and a limousine like ride for about $70,000.