Genesis G70 Sport Sedan Challenges Euro Chic

Car people in the know rarely under-estimate the quality, performance and value offered by South Korean carmakers … and the new Genesis luxury performance division from Hyundai has only reinforced a burgeoning world-class reputation.

The Genesis G70 Sports Sedan priced from $35,450 – well under the national average sales price of new vehicles – to the 3.3T AWD at $46,650 are impressive contenders side-by-side with more pricey heavy hitters like BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class and Audi A6.

G70 sports sedans come in a power range from a 2.0 L 4 cylinder 252 horsepower to 3.3 L V6 365 horses. Though modest by today’s monster horsepower inflation standards, these cars all perform with robust energy that never disappoints.

Sophisticated engineering and lightweight construction give the Genesis G70 amazing handling, both in high speed open road driving and sport maneuvering situations.

The features and amenities of the G70 offer a rich touch and feel, with premium safety tech and infotainment systems. For the driver there is a strong competitive quality with an instrumentation layout to match.

For rear seat passengers, the expansive head and legroom is rivals best in class.