Genesis GV80 Often Compared… But True Unto Itself

Despite begging comparisons, the new 2021 Genesis GV80 is strikingly attractive and sets its own mark, making evaluations relative to vaunted luxury heritage brands irrelevant.

Though the Genesis leans heavily from the prevailing luxury car design and tech menus, the GV80 adds some flashy and endearing styling touches. The front grille is a sparkling mesh shield with supercar bravado while the LED adaptive headlamps spark up with sci-fi effects.

The accent lines of the GV80 have a long sedan-like appeal within the SUV profile. The rear section is distinguished by a subtle upper duck tail and lower lip that seem to have calculated aerodynamic effect.

With two engine options – a 2.5 liter 300 horsepower 4 cylinder and the same displacement 375 horsepower V6 – this good sized 5 -7 person and luggage hauler gets around town and over the road with spirited performance.

Inside the quilted leather seating – faux as it may be – is opulent and comfortable. The tech suite is centered on top of dash mounted 14.5” horizontal infotainment screen with a center console knob control and touch screen option.

Pricing Genesis GV80 ranges from $48,900 to $65,550.