Getting Your Sports Car Ya Ya’s Out… 2nd Gen Newest Toyota GR86

High fuel prices make impressive and under-appreciated small cars more relevant amid the reign of the SUVs.

The new second generation Toyota GR86 is a totally modern take on the most traditional sports car format though this 2-door coupe has the perfunctory rear seating to qualify for passenger car insurance.

Proudly flying the Toyota motorsport and performance Gazoo Racing flag – hence the GR86 monicker – this hard edged rear-wheel drive, 6-speed manual shift, track ready street rod is the product of a collaboration with Subaru, now extended notably to Toyota’s first and only Electric bZ4X SUV.

By boosting the horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine with new 2.4 liter energy, kicking output up by more than 10 percent to 228 horsepower, the GR86 is more powerful with a racetrack roar straight out of the sound effects lab!

More important than the serious off-the line 5.8 second 0 – 60 kick, the stability of the GR86 boxer engine format takes this featherweight 2,868 pounder to new heights of performance handling prowess.

Inside the $30,000 GR86 softens raw racing utility with performance styling and tech with an 8” infotainment touchscreen and universal connectivity.