GMC Terrain literally and figuratively covers a lot of terrain

While the GMC rep is a celebration of “professional grade” power and authority characterized by glitzy big SUVs and pampered executive pickup trucks … the new 2018 Terrain small SUV continues to standout in the crowded segment.

First emerging from the smoking wreckage of 2010 the GMC Terrain was perfectly timed for the auto industry comeback. Providing the requisite space, convenience and versatility as a people and cargo hauler, the smaller profile Terrain with its value appeal four cylinder engine option broke out as a popular seller.

For 2018 the Terrain Denali AWD model is exceptionally roadworthy with a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that pumps 252 horsepower — just 12 fewer than the V6 engine offered in the earlier series.

The exterior design of the Terrain is youthful and athletic with more sweeping character lines in gently rippling sheet metal.

Inside the upholstery and accent treatments exude a premium feel while the design of the command and control systems – including personal communications device tech links — are neatly clustered in the center of the dash. At $40,000 this GMC Terrain literally and figuratively covers a lot of terrain.