Halo Products of the Chrysler Comeback

With 51 consecutive months of sales growth Chrysler is the legendary two-time resurrected Phoenix of the US auto industry. And though still 4th in overall sales, Chrysler’s 9.2 percent rate of growth last month far outpaced GM, Ford and Toyota.

The stats are clear that Chrysler and Dodge SUVs and trucks up 22 percent and Jeep brand sales up 28 percent, are the perfect wave for the company.

And yet, Chrysler makes valuable use of more modest performers and halo vehicles.

The recently previewed Dodge Challenger 707 Horsepower Hellcat is not likely to be a huge seller at $60,000 plus MSRP, but it makes news as the most powerful production car in the US, and gives a nudge to the latest edition of the standard Dodge Challenger 305 horsepower V6 priced at about $30,000.

From the Italian branch of the Chrysler family, the tiny Fiat 500 has managed to attract a cult following and some great PR gloss. But the new four door 500L is a spectacular glass roofed, amply roomy little bus that should be in taxi or premium livery service, and replacing hulking SUVs in suburbia!

This George Polgar of GT Marketing for KYW News Radio.