Happy Motoring For The Thanksgiving Holidays

Thanksgiving travel is up this year to the highest levels since 2007 according to AAA with nearly 47 million on they’re way to holiday celebrations. A whopping 42 million will be driving an average of 50 miles or less … up significantly due to the lowest gas prices since 2008. With the national average at around $2.10 cents per gallon and parts of the country where gas is even under $2 per gallon, driving is again regaining its status as the nation’s favorite pastime.

These low fuel prices come at a time when new technology, government mandates and healthy competition for fuel efficiency is apparent in all car classes Not only are many hybrid and electrics boasting better range and performance, but even standard gas-powered models are delivering 40 plus mpg stats. And it’s not just small econo-boxes … a third of all full-sized sedans, sporty performance coupes, pick-up trucks and full sized SUVs now deliver 30 mpg plus.

And though care and attention to driving conditions is essential, more new car safety oriented engineering, collision avoidance and even self-braking technology means happier motoring for the holidays.

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