Hey Mom We’re On TV!

A curious sidelight of doing auto manufacturer test drives for the past 30 years has been taking note of the big national TV ad campaigns that always seem to break right around the time we are getting an advance look at the newest model releases.

Recently while test driving an Infiniti G37 Journey luxury sport sedan, the company was breaking big — and still is — with TV commercials of this freshly updated and enhanced model.

With snappy CGI video of the car morphing colors from vanilla white to racy red, the commercial clearly restates Infiniti’s continued challenge to Lexus. And while they’ve never really managed to edge out Lexus, they have made Infiniti a high stakes player in the premium luxury and performance market.

This newest $41,000 G37, powered by a high torque 328 horsepower 3.7 liter V6, takes off the line with a throaty roar. And an engine enhancement called Acceleration Swell gives the car a rush that builds faster as the powerplant is pushed.

The close-ration 6 speed short-throw shifter manual transmission — standard on this special model — makes the follow through on the power delivery exhilarating!

The sport-tuned suspension with upgraded springs and double piston shock absorbers gives this otherwise demure G37 sedan real competitive driving dynamics.