High Margin SUV Sales Surge Is Good News For General Motors

With regular gas pegged at national average of $2.65 per gallon, rising economic confidence and a booming residential and commercial construction sector, the conditions are ideal for automakers to hit the jackpot on the most profitable segment of their business – full-sized trucks and SUVs!

General Motors is reveling in the strength of SUVs with Chevrolet alone posting SUV and pick-up sales up 24 percent.

A recent test drive of the new GMC 2016 Yukon Denali reinforced the obvious appeal of the full sized SUV. Despite being villainized during the economic and auto industry meltdown, the SUV and it’s progressively smaller progeny — compact SUVs and Crossovers – are the new standard vehicle format.

The Yukon Denali is epic in contemporary cubist scale with a huge area of mesh grill up front flanked by intricately articulated head beams. Inside the expanse of leather swathed real 3-row seating, offers full internet connectivity, multiple USB and accessory power outlets — and best of all for long trips with kids – easy to operate on-board rear video with wireless headphones. The Denali is profligate in comfort, luxury and performance to support pricing up $78,000.