Honda Reinvents The Pickup Truck (Again) With the Honda Ridgeline

The new second generation Honda Ridgeline is an amazing take on the American pick-up truck. This is a sharp mid-sized variation on a theme that has been the biggest driver in US vehicle sales over 20 years. And though the Honda Ridgeline is work ready, it has a comfortable sport utility feel which really broadens its market appeal.

Though truck snobs are quick dismiss the Ridgeline as a Honda Pilot SUV with a small truck bed, that assessment is not entirely untrue and certainly not entirely bad. The successful Pilot architecture has been lengthened to accommodate the 63.6 inch pick-up bed, and the Ridgeline suspension has been bulked up for trucking.

The exterior of Ridgeline shares the latest Honda design ethic of sharp lines and strong angles and a wide longhorn style chrome accent across the top of the front fascia.

The Ridgeline gets an updated 3.5 liter 280 horsepower V6 paired with a six-speed automatic transmission that produces more 30 more horses and 4-mpg better fuel efficiency than the last Ridgeline issued 2 years ago.

Base priced around $27,000 the Honda Ridgeline is a very competitive offering.