Honda Rocks Out With Sex Appeal & Performance

Though challenged by the economic slump, natural disaster and PR dings, Honda has an impressive track record, figuratively by producing globally successful mass market vehicles and literally, in advancing engine and performance technology through its innovative motorsports program.

But the Honda mantel of reliability and value are not enough to stem aggressive market share expansion by Nissan, Hyundai and Kia.

In recent years Honda has responded by putting sexy and fun-to-drive out front as selling features –- leading to some grumbling of ascetic purists.

Two recent test-drives of the new Honda Accord Hybrid TRG and Accord EX-L V6 2-door coupe proved enormously satisfying, based on the new and traditional values of the Honda brand.

Though the Accord has gotten a nice new long, lean exterior treatment in recent years, its appeal is still subtle. But nice touches like sultry LED headlights, sporty front to back integrated air intakes, fog lamps, rear twin exhausts and a high-tone interior are appreciated.

And for road rockin’ action the 278 horsepower V6 Accord, and even the 4-cylinder hybrid with a combined max of 196 horsepower, this Honda, well equipped for $35,000 is a real winner.

This George Polgar of GT Marketing for KYW News Radio.