Hyundai Charts A Legendary Course to the Top in 20 Years

Hyundai has spent the past two decades stepping up its bona fides as a world-class automaker. With an intense focus and investment in quality and reliability — the opposite of what they were known for here in the US from 1986 through 2000 – Hyundai has achieved an astounding 4.5% market share. That is just shy of a 1/3 of the market share of each of the top sales leading manufacturers … GM, Toyota, and Ford.

Just in the rearview Hyundai Motors saw its best quarter since 2017 and has pegged its target operating profits at 5% for 2020, up from 3.5% last year. The Hyundai surge is propelled by the enormously successful feature rich Palisade mid-sized SUV, and the sub-compact Kona SUV with the highly regarded all-electric EV, the new even smaller Venue sub-compact SUV, and the seriously impressive all new Sonata which may snuff out the exaggerated rumors of the impending death of the sedan.

To top off out an impressive small car, sedan and SUV line-up, Hyundai has a Santa Cruz mid-sized pickup in the works, giving Hyundai traditional “full line” status. Meanwhile the company powers into the future making an $87 billion investment in electric vehicles, on-demand autonomous transport system which includes ground and vertical take-off and landing electric Urban Air Mobility units.