Hyundai Outperforming Expectations Is Now Not Surprising!

The rush of EV activity in the auto market, spurred by Tesla and fortuitously coinciding with a post-pandemic manufacturing reset, has given Hyundai yet another boost to the top.

The Ford EV combo of the F150 pick-up, the overall best-selling vehicle model in America for 46 years, and the beloved Mustang pony badge on a Crossover SUV, are the odds on favorite to challenge Tesla’s dominant US market share.

And yet upstart Hyundai – combined with cousin KIA — raced to the #2 spot for the first part of 2022 with really impressive models like the two-row 5 passenger small crossover hatchback Ioniq 5, being followed-up by the eye-popping coupe styled sedan Ioniq 6, and the current hot ticket Kona Electric.

Loaded for $43,940 the Kona EV Limited qualifies for the full Federal $7,500 EV Tax Credit for a modest $36,440. But beyond the value angle the styling and functionality of the Kona EV is the big win.

A quality build, fresh, attractive daily driver, without any obligatory weirdness just to signal that it’s different, is exactly what “EV or not to EV” car buyers need right now.