Infiniti QX30 May Be “The Better Mousetrap” of Small Crossovers

These days in the auto sector … if you build a better mousetrap 20 competitive knock-offs will rollout within a few months. So it is with the Infinit QX30 which was born to nick sales points off the legions of Audi, BMW, Lexus, and most ironically the Mercedes-Benz GLA, to which it is a platform sharing cousin through a new manufacturing partnership.

As the premium line from Nissan, which just exceeded an ambitious 6-year goal to increase US market share by 10 percent, this is a very credible Millennial-centric small crossover.

The Infiniti QX30 offers sharp styling, ebullient performance, richly appointed interiors, all the tech toys and collision avoidance safety features, in a dizzying selection of seven different variants ranging in price from $29,000 to $38,000.

For the Millennials – many of whom until recently swore they’d never own a car – the QX30 has all the goodies in one affordable package.

On recent test drive, the QX30 Premium edition proved really fun to drive, resplendent in rich two tone leather with exotic wood accents, exceptionally comfortable and dazzling inside and out with a full tech package and spacey LED lighting.