Kia Blazes New Trails With A Head Turning Lineup

The old notion that “first impressions are the most lasting” is proven every time a new Kia test drive shows up.

Invariably in the course of test driving various Kia models, people on the streets first reaction ranges from surprise to disbelief … “This is a Kia?”

Kia is exceeding expectations, from the newly updated Telluride mid-size SUV, to the Niro SUV gas, hybrid and all EV trifecta choice, to the incredibly smart and sexy EV6 GT Line which premiered with 225 – 320 all electric horsepower, and in 2023 upgrades to a 576 horsepower screamer.

Even its gas powered Sportage compact SUV is impressive, confident with dazzling tech for a modest $25,000 base price. From the South Korean conglomerate which also brought Hyundai to America to offer a very inexpensive alternative to big 80s excesses, 8 years later in 1994 Kia followed initially only selling in the Pacific Northwest.

While Hyundai has posted big sales with better cars, and currently second only to Tesla in US EV sales, Kia continues to ring the value bell with its newest EVs and classic under $20,000 compact Forte sedan.