Kia Niro Hybrid Small Crossover Has A Time-Released Wow Factor

Maybe it was the contrast of watching the drifting demo of the hot new Kia Stinger V6 twin-turbo sports sedan at the Las Vegas SEMA customizing show the week before, that the delivery of the Kia Niro Hybrid small crossover was somewhat underwhelming.

Relatively new to market the Kia Niro test vehicle was my first up-close look at a car that has been swamping all screens for the last year. The Niro of course checks all the boxes required for this fast growing small crossover hybrid segment, delivering an impressive 43 mpg combined EPA fuel economy rating.

The interior and exterior is a round edged square design theme which maximizes the smallish profile with excellent visibility all around and seating, center monitor and command control layout a bit oversized in scale.

Really the Kia Niro has a time-released wow factor. As it’s driven in varied road and traffic conditions, the crossover proves surprisingly agile and even fun to drive.

Ranging in price from $22,000 to the $30,000, this hybrid Kia Niro is a scrappy competitor in this hotly contested segment.