Land Rover Range Rover HSE — The Polarity of Capability and Pampering

The paradox of one of the world’s most capable all-terrain vehicles, wrapped in the uncompromising luxury and comfort of a royal coach, continues to be the main appeal of the smooth and sophisticated Land Rover Range Rover HSE.

Forget the “Yo where’s your off-road tiara?” guff from the cheapsters. What better wilderness test driver could a full sized SUV boast than the reigning Queen of Great Britain!

The first-hand experience of crawling up and down 45 degree rock-slides in a car worth over $100K, is a constant reminder of the spectacular polarity of the Ranger Rover.

This base model of the 5 top tier Range Rover stable is powered by a supercharged 3.0 liter V6 which moves the up to 5,500 lb high-rider along at healthy clip with good acceleration and perfect road manners, thanks to a variable height self-leveling suspension system.

The expansive interior with rich leather seating and wood accents, is impressively attentive to the comfort of all passengers. The on-board tech is state-of-the-art and the new driver monitor panel and infotainment display is a direct evolution of new systems seen on concept vehicles in recent years.