Leave it To Bieber

The news last week that 160 employees of electric car-maker Fisker Automotive were being furloughed is certainly most distressing to Justin Bieber. Who will repair the pop star’s $100,000 plus all chromed electric sports car after his driving skills challenged rapper friend Lil Twist racks up the Fisker for the inevitable third time?

After a plague of production and quality problems, the future of electric car-maker and the half-billion dollar O’Bama administration Green industry Initiative loan are uncertain at best!

The trouble at Fisker will certainly become another brick-bat in the arsenal of conservatives who rail against government programs subsidizing untested companies and technologies — comparing it to the ill-fated Solyndra solar energy company that tanked despite hefty Federal support.

But the problem is not the government support of green technology development. The Fisker failure is in the technology. Electric cars are simply not the future of mass vehicular transportation.

The real innovation for the long-term is in synthetic fuels costing as little as $1.50 per gallon, powering modified internal combustion engines and producing higher mileage efficiency and no carbon emissions. And these technologies are already in advanced stages of development at every major car manufacturer!